What types of interview are there?

Different companies and organsiations may use different types of interviews when looking for staff.

Some of the most common are:


These focus on the skills and attributes needed. You'll have to relate your skills and experience to the job in question. A tip for these is to tell the interviewer what the situation was, what you did (lots of I’s as in I did this, I did that) and what the outcome was.


These are for technical positions such as IT or engineering jobs. You will probably be asked to show your technical knowledge of a certain process or skill. They may ask you to do this by talking about your previous experience or by asking you  questions, such as "what would you do if you were working on this project?"


This is where the interviewer meets with the you  in person.


Some organisations use these as the first stage of interviews. You may be warned in advance or contacted out of the blue. First impressions count, so you should prepare for a telephone interview just as much as you would for a face-to-face interview. Unless it takes place on a videophone, you won't need to worry about what you are wearing at the time.


This is when more than one person interviews you. Usually, one person chairs the interview and panel members take it in turns to ask you different questions. You should direct your answer mainly towards the panel member that asked the question.