Transferable Skills Checklist

This list will help you to work out what transferable skills you have that will help you when applying for jobs, attending interviews or writing your CV.

Simply tick off any skills you have from the list and use them to help you build your CV. Steps to Work can help you to gain new skills if you are missing any key skills that you think would benefit you. We can also help you to write your CV if you are struggling, so contact us for help and guidance.

Key Transferable Skills
Meet deadlines
Classify data Research
Ability to delegate Compare, inspect, or record facts Create new ideas
Ability to plan Count, observe, compile Design
Results oriented Research Speak in public
Customer Service oriented Detail-oriented Edit
Supervise others Take inventory Write clearly
Increase sales or efficiency Working with People Prefer details
Accept responsibility Patient Understand the big picture
Instruct others Care for Leadership
Desire to learn & improve Persuasive Arrange social functions
Good time management Confront others Motivate people
Solve problems Pleasant Negotiate agreements
Manage money/ budgets Counsel people Decisive
Manage people Sensitive Plan
Meet the public Demonstrate something Delegate
Organize people Supportive Run meetings
Organize/ manage projects diplomatic Direct others
Team player Supervise Explain things to others
Written communications Speak in public Self-motivated
Work independently Help others Get results
Computer Skills Tactful Share leadership
Other Transferable Skills
(Dealing with things)
Insightful Think of others
Insightful Direct projects
Use my hands Teach Team builder
Assemble or make things Interview others Solve problems
Safety conscious Anticipate needs Mediate problems
Build, observe, inspect things High energy Take risks
Construct or repair Open minded Empowering others
Off-bearing or feeding machinery Kind Creative, Artistic
Follow instructions Take orders Artistic
Operate tools and machinery Listen Music appreciation
Drive or operate vehicles Serving Dance, body movement
Repair things Trust Perform, act
Good with my hands Working with others Draw, sketch, render
Use complex equipment Negotiate Present artistic ideas
Use equipment Understand Play instruments
Dealing with Data Adaptable Expressive
Analyse data or facts Outgoing Download the form to print and add any other Transferable Skills that you think are important
Investigate Using Words, Ideas
Audit records Articulate
Keep financial records Innovative
Locate answers or information Communicate verbally
Balance Money Logical
Calculate, compute Remember information
Manage money Accurate