Job hunting can be a frustrating and sometimes disappointing exercise. If you've received a few knock backs and are feeling a bit disheartened, take a step back for a moment and consider how you can boost your employability and improve your chances of finding a great job.

Sometimes a simple change to the way you approach your job search can make a world of difference, so here are some of our top tips on how to boost your employability.

1. Research your chosen career path 

finding out everything you can about your chosen career path will greatly help your job search. Knowing what to expect from your future role will help you to tailor your CV and application to meet the requirements of the job. Researching will also help you to understand exactly what your future job would consist of and help you to decide whether it is truly right for you. 

2. Be enthusiastic 

take your job search seriously and show the employer that you are keen, enthusiastic and serious about your application. If you act like you don't really care about the future you will put yourself at a disadvantage if the employer notices your lack of enthusiasm. Don't let previous knock backs damage your enthusiasm and treat each application and each job interview as a new opportunity. 

3. Get help, advice and guidance

At Steps to Work we offer free, unbiased help, advice and guidance to those looking for a job. We can help with all areas of employability whether you need help updating your CV or you simply need some advice on how to improve your motivation and perform better in interviews. Our trained information, advice and guidance officers know their stuff and will be able to identify issues in your job search approach and help you to boost your employability and improve your chances of finding a job. 

4. Practice your interview technique

If you have been getting to the interview stage then you're obviously doing something right in your application to impress the employer enough to want to meet you face to face. But if you find that you're falling at the last hurdle and not making it through the interview stage it may be time to practice your interview technique. At Steps to Work we can offer mock interviews and one to one sessions to help you improve your technique and prepare answers to those tricky interview questions so that you're no longer left lost for words when it comes to the real thing.

5. Don't tell porkies

Never tell lies, bend the truth or exaggerate when it comes to applying for a job. You will undoubtedly get found out if you do tell a lie and this won't look good to your employer. If, for example, they're asking for a C in GCSE Maths and you actually got an E don't lie, no matter how unlikely it seems that the employer will ever find out it is always better to tell the truth. If you're asked a question in the interview that you don't know the answer to it's always best to admit that you don't know rather than ramble and try to guess the answer. Consider saying something like 'I don't know however that is an area in which I am keen to develop my skills and understanding and would like the opportunity to learn". Your honesty and your willingness to learn will look good to an employer. 

If you've been job hunting for a while and had no luck, consider getting some help and advice from a professional. These days there are lots of resources out there for job seekers, many of which are free, and you shouldn't be afraid to seek advice. 

While it's tempting to stick with what you know and are comfortable with it is important to be flexible in your approach. If your current approach isn't working for you it is important to try different things and be open to advice and guidance; you might just find it's the best thing you ever did! 

My experience with Kate at Darlaston Jet has been a positive one. I was looked at as a person not a number. She recognised my aspirations and helped me to achieve and secure a job opportunity that I can honestly say is my ideal job! Kate put me forward for courses that helped me and was always there when I needed support and guidance. My future is now positive, thanks to Kate and the Darlaston Jet team for helping me achieve my dream! - E.H 

We have a network of one stop employment shops across the Walsall borough offering help and guidance; Darlaston Jet and Work on the Horizon. If you would like to arrange to speak to someone, contact us or pop in and see us at one of our offices.