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Officers will explain to customers the reason the photographs are being requested and when and where they are likely to be used. All customers having photos taken must of consented to this via the STW 83 found in the QF23. This form enables customers whether to give your consent to using your personal details we set below how Steps to Work (Walsall) Ltd might wish to use those details. We might use your case study in the national/regional/local media (newspapers or broadcast)

Officers will check the level of consent signed with you and explain about photographic consent, the level to which consented and details of what you need to do should you later wish to withdraw your consent. If you should change your mind about the level of consent that you have signed up to, the officer will make a record of this and act on your wishes.

  • No pictures of any child aged under 18 should be used without their parent’s written permission.

  • No child should be named or quoted in a press release without their parent’s permission.

(Schools now organise permission for their pupils, always check with the school to see if this has been carried out).

  • No photographs of a looked after child which could identify them should be used for publicity.

  • No details of a looked after child ie name, age, address, school should be published in any publicity.

For clarification of any of the above please call the Marketing Officer- 01922 651870