Bridges helps Marie back into work


Marie Elliot, 61, started working on the Bridges project with Age Matters in October 2019 after she had been out of work for 6 months. She felt socially isolated due to health conditions and was struggling financially.

Marie was able to job search independently and had attended several interviews but not been successful. The Bridges team worked with Marie so she was better prepared for interviews; doing interview preparation, practise questions and hints and tips regarding body language and questions to ask the interviewers. Age Matters also gave Marie information about support with travel costs to ensure she was able to get to a new job without added financial pressures.

Apart from the one to one support she received, the other big help for Marie was a visit to Smartworks in Birmingham which Age Matters arranged. Having new clothes to wear for her interview gave Marie a big confidence boost. She felt ‘glamorous’ and much more positive about attending interviews. Although Marie didn’t pass the first interview she attended in her new clothes she persevered and was soon successful. She now works 25 hours a week for her new employer!

Returning to work was a huge boost for Marie, she no longer felt socially isolated, she had more purpose and was able to manage better financially.

“I received more help from Bridges than I received from the job centre in years”  “I felt really glamorous”