“I genuinely feel that without the support provided by Chris through the BBO Bridges project, that I would have lost everything, including the roof over my head”

Michelle was introduced to the BBO Bridges through her son’s school. As a single mother with multiple issues baring down on her, Michelle found that she was struggling to cope with the weight of these concerns.

With a complex few years under her belt, she had found that she had lost touch with the person she knows she is. This was reflected in her losing her car, her job, and in the pile of unopened letters that we trawled through in the beginning of our support. Harrowed by debts, mental health struggles, and other complex personal issues, Michelle had stopped leaving the house altogether, or even contemplating opening her mail.

“Not only did Chris get straight on with approaching my problems, but he also helped me to build up my confidence and self-esteem again; I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m a lot less anxious, I even open my mail now, I’m starting to feel like me again.”

Using an holistic approach to multiple barriers we began prioritising her issues and systematically approaching them according to which issue caused the most stress and risk, particularly rent arrears, but also emotional support. We have partnership worked with Wolverhampton CAB via a specialist intervention unique to BBO Bridges to help stabilise Michelle’s debt issues and secure the roof over her head.

“I have received support before”, Michelle states, “but, I never really felt like it helped me. Chris inspired and pushed me by helping me to break down my problems into tasks I could achieve. He is passionate about the support he gives and this showed me that I can believe in myself again and to start looking towards the future by acting on today”.