Becoming Work Ready

Sometimes finding work can be incredibly daunting especially if you are facing barriers, whether real or perceived, that make you feel as though you are not work ready.

We can help you to not only become work ready but to improve your confidence and motivation so that you feel it too.

There are five key things that you need to have in order to be work ready, and Steps To Work can help you to achieve them all:

  1. Be positive and willing to work – this means turning up on time, making an effort, meeting deadlines and being interested and enthusiastic. Steps to Work can help you if you are struggling to maintain a positive outlook and feel you need some help boosting your confidence and motivation.


  1. Get along with colleagues – you need to show that you can work well with other people and be confident communicating with your colleagues as well as being polite and considerate. We run a variety of sessions that enable you to work as part of a group if you feel that your confidence when working with others needs a boost.


  1. Have acceptable basic skills – For almost all jobs you will need to have acceptable basic ICT, English and Maths skills. At Steps to Work we offer courses and training to help you to develop your basic skills if you feel your skills aren’t quite up to scratch. This includes basic ICT sessions for people of any ability.


  1. Gain qualifications or evidence of learning – Employers look for people who are keen to learn and develop their skills so having some evidence of learning or gaining qualifications will make you a better candidate for the job. Steps to Work can provide you with opportunities to help you gain qualifications and learn new skills and will assist you in gaining the right qualifications for your chosen career.


  1. Work experience – Many jobs will require some form of work experience. It’s a valuable way to gain an insight into the workplace environment, helping to boost your confidence too! We can help you gain work experience by providing you with volunteering opportunities if you feel you need a bit of experience before you’re ready to start applying for jobs.

If you feel you need some help and support to become work ready, contact us today and find out how we can help you.