Beacon continues support for participants during lockdown

In this difficult and unpredictable time during the Coronavirus crisis, our participants need to feel supported and valued more than ever. With the illness at the forefront of our participants’ minds, it is important to look at the other issues that may arise from a prolonged period of lockdown.

The Bridges team at The Beacon Centre have worked closely with the other employment teams to enable the support for our Bridges participants. We have utilised services that the Beacon Centre provide, such as referrals to our community services if support is needed for shopping and our IT Trainer has been supporting participants with online shopping orders.

We have not only been supporting existing participants but also making wellbeing calls to participants that were previously on the project. The Bridges team have been working to provide a similar service even though we are unable to meet face to face. Job searches have been completed on behalf of clients as well as over the phone. Online training and distance learning has been researched to find a course suitable for our participants. Any information that may be of value to our participants is sent, this may be health advice or benefits advice from the Job Centre, or anything else we feel may benefit them.

Our participants have really pulled together without our influence and created a Whatsapp messaging group to stay in contact and support each other during a time when peer support is most crucial, which is fantastic.

We hope that by providing this support and continuing to be there for our participants, we can help them through this difficult time and continue to work with them face to face as soon as it is safe to do so.