Without the help and support from Steps to Work I wouldn’t be where I am today

After a tough couple of years Richard was referred onto the work programme at Steps to Work's Darlaston office. With the help and support of his coach Michelle, he was able to overcome his barriers and find himself a job at the new Light Cinema in Walsall and thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work he has already been earmarked for a promotion to management! 

Richard had previous customer service and retail experience and was keen to get back into the retail industry. During Richard’s first week on the Work Programme at Steps to Work we were offered places by Walsall Council for PET courses for the opening of the new Light Cinema at the Walsall Waterfront development. Richard’s Work Programme advisor Michelle made the agreement that should Richard attend the next day to complete the attachment to the WP paperwork, she would secure him a pre interview for the PET course.

The next day Richard attended his appointment on time and with Michelle’s help, was able to complete the initial paperwork. Richard showed a lot of dedication and commitment and was more than happy to go through the two week course which he saw as an opportunity to improve his employability skills. Richard attended the pre training interview and was offered a place on the course; he then spent two weeks at PTP where the PET in customer service and retail was completed.

Richard was shortlisted for a job interview with the Light Cinema and Steps to Work supported him with interview preparation and helped him purchase new interview clothes as he wanted to make a good impression.

After impressing the employer in his interview, Richard was offered the position and attended three days training in Liverpool. Upon successful completion of the training Richard began work at the Light Cinema on the 17th of March 2016.

His first weekend was spent preparing the cinema ready for the opening night and on the 21st March 2016 the Cinema was opened. Richard is now working a minimum of 16 hours each week in a customer service role and due to his commitment and enthusiasm he has already been earmarked for a promotion to manager and has been provisionally offered a management course with PTP.

Continual support is going to be offered to Richard on a monthly basis for In Work Support purposes where we can measure and record his progress and assist him with any future training needs.