When Carl was 5 years old he was involved in an incident that resulted in permanent brain damage, meaning he had to move in with his grandparents.

Sadly a few years ago Carl’s Nan passed away, Carl now lives with his Grandad who is getting older.

With limited support around him, Carl needed some help with independent living. His employment advisor Zoe identified this need for support and referred Carl onto Steps to Work’s weekly job search club.

As well as this Carl also received support with personal hygiene, budgeting and with learning difficulties. Carl opened up to Zoe to explain that his Grandad would limit the use of the washing machine, meaning that Carl struggled with hygiene, and that he had never really learned how to take proper care of himself. Zoe was able to provide Carl with a daily and weekly routine that he could follow in order to take care of himself and stay clean. Zoe also referred him to the Salvation Army where they supported him further with hygiene, independent living, budgeting and money management. Carl was also going through a fraud case after his card was cloned and the Salvation Army were able to help him address the issue.

Carl has noticeably improved following this support, his job club tutor was impressed with the transformation and commented that his cleanliness and personal presentation had vastly improved. As well as this, Carl’s confidence has improved, he now feels confident talking to new people and working as part of a team.

One of the biggest confidence boosts for Carl came when he secured a work trail for a gardening firm. The employer has agreed to employ Carl on an ad-hoc basis to help with the workload which has given Carl confidence that he can find work!