“This course has completely changed my life in relation to work”

 “I’d turn the clock back 12 weeks, I’d do it all again and I’d bring everybody with me!!"

Kellie was diagnosed with cancer in 2011; this was the beginning of a very dark period for her. Kellie divulged that alongside her illness she suffered family loss and tragedy which saw her on a downward trajectory that resulted in Kellie losing her self-confidence and becoming isolated from her children.

Kellie is 45 years old and had been on the ESA support group for 18 months when she felt it was time for her to return to work. Unfortunately Kellie had a negative experience with a job interview after she had disclosed her disability to the interviewer: Kellie told the Disability Resource Centre “I was knocked for six…I have no chance of getting a job if employers have this mind-set regarding disability”.

When Kellie was told about the Journey To Work  course by her JCP advisor, although her initial thought was “what can the course do for me?” she agreed to meet with the Bridges project officer John Ellis as her long term goal is to return to employment.

When Kellie first met with John she disclosed that she has anxiety and may need support when working in a group. John reassured Kellie that she would receive any support necessary. Kellie also has arthritis which causes her mobility issues.

Kellie attended the course and has found it to be a really positive experience. She has found every session beneficial, in particular the mock interview activity. Kellie explains how this session has increased her self-confidence and prepared her for her recent job interview. Kellie firmly believes that this activity enabled her to approach her interview with the appropriate knowledge and the self-confidence needed to secure employment. Kellie was successful in her interview and said “I would never have this job if it wasn’t for the course”.

Kellie has relished the Journey To Work course and has attended every session. She has enjoyed the social aspect of the course and intends to keep in touch with fellow participants. Kellie is now feeling much more positive about the future and has expressed her gratitude for all the help and support received from the Bridges team.