Edward is a 28 year old man who attended our launch event in November and wanted to participate on the BRIDGES project. He has some learning difficulties due to difficulties encountered during his birth.

When we met him, he was already undertaking a computer course here at WACC and had previously attained Level 2 in Literacy and Level 1 Numeracy. Edward would like to work and have purpose to his life. He used to attend Links to Work but he felt this actually held him back more than it supported him to progress.

Edward is very skilled and competent young man with many personal qualities. However, he lacks confidence and was very unsure about giving his own, honest answers and opinions. Edward was very anxious about the “problems” he has and often spoke about the things that were “wrong with him” that prevented him doing things and focused on the things he “can’t do”.

We have seen Edward on 1:1 sessions on 4 occasions to date. We have been focusing on developing confidence and self esteem by looking at his skills and qualities. Initially, Edward found it hard to identify his skills and qualities but via this support he recognised that he has a vast amount more than he had realised and these are skills/qualities that employers are looking for in their staff. This has increased his self esteem and confidence and he appears more comfortable with sharing his ideas and thoughts with the project staff. Edward was so pleased to recognise this and we are working now on focusing on the things he can do!

“The skills and qualities work we have done has made me feel good and more confident because it made me see that there are a lot of things I can do that I wouldn't usually think about.”