Claire Roberts, 46, came to the Bridges programme after being unemployed for five years. She had previously worked in customer service roles such as stacking shelves in a supermarket and working in a charity shop on an ad-hoc basis.

Claire had completed some training with PTP back in May 2016 and she was contacted to see if this had led to a job outcome. As it had not, Ruth asked Claire to come in and have a chat to see if the Bridges project could help her back into work.

On meeting Claire, Ruth could tell that she lacked confidence and had very low self esteem. After a rapport had been established and several informal chats and an IAG session had taken place, Ruth began to identify the barriers that Claire faced. Claire had lost hope when looking for work. She found it extremely difficult finding jobs to apply for and felt unsure as to whether she was completing the online applications correctly.

Claire’s long term goal is to get a part time job by the time she is 50. She would like to work so that she can be financially stable when she retires.
Claire has now been on the Bridges project with Ruth for around two months. After various confidence building sessions Claire has committed to work experience for one day a week in a local shop. Ruth is in discussions with a greetings cards shop to secure a work placement that will give Claire relevant work experience and build her confidence when working in a customer service role.

“The Bridges project is helping me to feel more confident about my future in the workplace. I am becoming more aware of my options and what it is I need to do to achieve my long term goal of getting a part time job.”