“I’m so happy I joined up to the project at the citizens advice, Claire and Laura are helping me to learn, I am very grateful because both of them are very patient. God has given them this talent because he knew they are good at heart and I can’t thank them enough”

Mr Sandhu came to us after being made redundant from his previous job. At 62 years old Mr Sandhu thought that his prospects of getting another job were slim, he thought that due to his age, lack of computer skills and up to date qualifications, there were no jobs out there and that no one would want to employ him!

Although he was very confident in his field of employment, Mr Sandhu lacked confidence and motivation to look for jobs mainly due to his lack of IT skills, in his own words Mr Sandhu stated that “I can’t even turn a computer on!"

Before joining the project and after a month of unsuccessfully looking for work via word of mouth, the job centre and newspapers, Mr Sandu signed up to the Citizens Advice Wolverhampton BRIDGES project for IT help and support and to get him using computers so he could look for jobs online and update his basic computer skills so he could look and feel more employable.

With one to one support and confidence building offered by Citizens Advice BRIDGES Support Team Mr Sandhu was able to independently search for jobs online, attach files to Job appli-cations, send and receive emails. This alone improved his con-fidence tremendously and he became a lot more positive about his outlook and job prospects.

Due to this new found skill, Mr Sandhu has searched and applied for many jobs online independently, in which he has received several interviews and has now been offered a temporary job at a factory near to his home.