In November 2016 the advisers at our Darlaston Jet office placed 46 year old Robert in a temporary position at Morrisons in Bilston. Robert had been unemployed for over 10 years while he fulfilled his duties as a lone parent to five children. He had become increasingly isolated and his work programme adviser suggested that getting back into work may help him overcome his social isolation and confidence issues.

After receiving information, advice and guidance from his advisers he began to feel more confident and less intimidated by the prospect of going back into work after such a long time and would regularly access the services at Darlaston Jet to aid his job search.

Robert felt miserable and disenfranchised, believing that his job applications were fruitless and that employers would not be interested in someone who had been unemployed for such a long time and could only work part time, but with his advisers support he completed an application for some part time retail assistant roles at Morrison’s. A member of staff at Darlaston Jet dropped off the application to Morrison’s on Robert’s behalf and within two days he was invited to an interview.

At first Robert worked part time on a temporary Christmas contract for 8 weeks however after that time he was offered a permanent contract. Now Robert has been promoted to Team Leader and is thankful to Steps to Work for encouraging and persuading him to apply for the job as without the support he would have avoided applying due to his lack of confidence. Robert is much happier now that he has gained employment and being in a job has enabled him to buy things for himself and his family which he couldn’t do when he was relying on benefits. Robert regularly comes to Darlaston Jet to visit his advisers and update them on his employment.

Robert’s employer at Morrison’s said:

“Thanks to steps to work we have gained a valuable employee.

Robert joined us on checkouts at Morrison’s in Bilston on a temporary contract in November 2016. He was keen to learn from the start and made a great impression on myself, his immediate line manager, as well as his team leaders.

His hard work and eagerness made him an ideal candidate when some permanent positions became available at the end of his temporary contract. Since becoming a permanent member of my team, Robert has progressed to learn the self-scan checkouts and is currently training in the tobacco kiosk which includes serving on the lottery terminal. He has adapted to this training very well. We will continue to develop Roberts’s skills on the department.”

Hazel, Checkout Manager