Mavis is long term unemployed and has struggled with basic English and Maths skills and learning how to use the computer.

Mavis was encouraged by her advisor to attend our Adult Learning courses in Staffordshire to gain confidence and motivation and develop skills to help her in everyday life. Mavis started off by attending the 8 week Everyday Maths course. She felt that leaving school a long time ago with no qualifications affected her self-esteem and thought the course would help her confidence. Mavis learned how to relate maths in a positive way to her daily life.

Mavis was very fearful of using a computer but within five weeks of attending the basic IT course she has already gained in confidence. She now uses the computers in a more productive way to search and apply for jobs.

The last course that Mavis has completed was a basic English course. It was a great challenge as she was nervous about approaching the subject again having not achieved any English qualifications at school. Mavis was anxious when asked to look up words in a dictionary as she had not learned the skill to do this previously.

Now that she has completed all three basic skills courses Mavis feels more confident in everyday life and is more capable of searching and applying for jobs independently. She is more confident in her writing skills and feels like she has made a positive improvement in her life.