“The support I've received through the BRIDGES project has boosted my confidence and self-esteem tremendously; I feel I am several steps closer towards achieving my goal of obtaining employment.”

Angela has been unemployed since 2009 after giving birth to her daughter.

As a single parent it was extremely difficult for Angela to balance her work life with looking after her daughter and as a consequence she had to leave her job working as a Care Worker. During this time Angela began claiming JSA and has since been relying upon these payments to support herself and her daughter.

Now that Angela’s daughter is in Primary School, Angela feels she is finally ready to go back to work. Angela is interested in turning her passion for cooking into a career by finding employment in the catering industry. However with no formal qualifications or work experience in catering, Angela felt she required further support from the Bridges project in order to equip her with the tools needed to successfully achieve her goal of obtaining employment.

In order to pursue her dream of working as a cook Angela first required assistance with gaining a Level 2 Food and Hygiene qualification. Project officer Mandeep, through the Bridges project, secured funding so that Angela could complete the course free of charge with one-to-one support. Once Angela successfully gained her qualification in Food Hygiene, to further improve Angela’s chances of obtaining work, Mandeep organised a work experience placement at Fireflies Nursery where Angela would have the chance to gain vital experience working as a Kitchen Assistant.

After adding the Level 2 Food and Hygiene qualification and evidence of catering experience on to her CV, Angela found herself being invited to many more interviews than previously and is currently preparing for an interview for a Catering Assistant position at a local primary school.