“Being out of work for so long has really knocked my confidence and self-esteem. Getting this work placement with REPC has been brilliant! I’ve learned some very useful new skills and mixing with the REPC staff has really improved my social skills"

Matthew Lester joined the BRIDGES project in August 2017.

Matthew had been in skilled jobs and had run his own business in the past, but a very long period of unemployment had left him suffering from very low self-esteem, anxiety and diminished social skills. Matthew was very keen to get back into some form of routine to help himself re-build his self-confidence.

Matthew already had a big interest in IT. REPC Limited is an IT recycling, refurbishing and re-use social enterprise organisation and Matthew was offered a 10-day work placement at the company as an IT technician, providing him with the ideal opportunity to re-build his self-confidence and learn some new technical skills.

Matthew began attending REPC one day per week and over the course of the 10-week programme, with good mentoring and support from the BRIDGES staff, he has been able to re-build his self-confidence whilst developing a range of new IT skills, including computer recycling and refurbishing. His performance has been such that he was offered an extension to the original placement. Matthew is now really looking forward to the future and is keen to take the next steps towards finding paid employment.