When Michael suffered a work injury on a building site over 10 years ago he was left in constant pain and found not working both disheartening and depressing.

Over the years he looked at jobs, even applied for a few, but grew further depressed at the lack of replies and interviews.

Michael heard about the Directions Drop In Day by the BBO Bridges project at Summit House from someone at a local library and thought he would give it a go.

Michael explains

‘I have to admit I was a bit suspicious and sceptical- I needed reassuring that taking these first steps weren’t going to lead to me losing my benefits or being forced back to work before I was ready’.

‘I sat with Darren, BBO Bridges Project worker at Summit House, and he just listened. I was introduced to three other people that were also interested in joining the informal weekly drop in sessions on a Wednesday and we all got on like we had known each other for years.'

‘I really enjoy and appreciate the open honest environment at Summit House, they have a way of saying it as it is but supporting you to remove those barriers. After just four weeks with the programme I felt ready to take a health and safety course, my first accredited course in years. Now ten weeks later I have signed up to join the Peer Mentoring and volunteer training at Summit House. I am hoping that volunteering as an administrator will help me to learn new skills, plug the gap in my CV and maybe lead to paid work in the future.'