“The BRIDGES project is gradually helping me to build my confidence and to keep busy. I feel more positive and think it’s brilliant that I have been put forward to do some voluntary work.”

Female BRIDGES participant aged 33 has been out of work for 13 years since she fell pregnant with her eldest child.

She was referred by group workers who though she has always been positive during sessions and had shown a willingness to eventually enter E.T.E.

Initially she was quite chaotic due to her children being placed in LAC and she only being allowed to see them twice a week for supervised contact. Since then she has not been allowed to see them and this continued over the Xmas period. With all this going on she is still keen to engage with CGL and Bridges as it keeps her occupied.

The barriers she needs to overcome are to continue to be alcohol free, address her anxiety and build her confidence so that she can be ready for work and occupy her time.

In the beginning she needed a lot of support in providing the correct documents for the BRIDGES programme so we could start working with her. Bridges helped fund her birth certificate and we have now been able to start working with her.

As she wanted to keep busy and is very creative we went with her to register for voluntary work at Walsall Voluntary Action. She has been put forward for three placements, one of which would enable her to read poetry to patients.