'The Evolve 'Journey to Work' project at DRC is the best thing I ever did! It has given me a positive outlook on life'

Lisa was employed for 18 months before she found herself out of work for 3 months due to her health condition, which affected her ability to attend her workplace on a regular basis. Lisa struggles with vertigo and migraines which requires a reasonable adjustment in the workplace with a computer filter screen. 

Lisa was signposted to the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) To join the EVOLVE 'journey to work' course by her advisor from the Job Centre in Lichfield due to her condition and the DRC's knowledge of  reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Lisa had several barriers to overcome which included not having any up to date vocational qualifications, a lack of confidence & skills to use internet and difficulty accessing online services.

Lisa is responsible for the care of her teenage daughter which is affecting her own confidence and self-esteem. Lisa is still having problems with her daughter not being provided mental health support services, so the DRC put Lisa in touch with Together Mental Health Lichfield Team. Lisa is currently working on her confidence and self-esteem and coping strategies and took a lot out of the distraction techniques session which she attended as part of the Evolve course.Lisa was action planned each week using a Progress Form where she was given actions to be achieved by a particular date to aid her progression and contact support services, she was also given help with access to work and reasonable adjustments with computer equipment filters.

Lisa has just successfully completed the Ten Week Journey to Work Sessions where she has learnt employability skills covering C.V Writing, Disability Equality Act 2010 and Confidence and Self-Esteem, Condition Management 1-2 and 3-4. Lisa has changed considerably due to her health condition and has regained her confidence and self-esteem, over the ten weeks Lisa`s confidence and self-esteem has grow week by week and she was participating in group sessions regularly. Lisa is now looking for full time employment with her new found confidence!