"Thank you so much for your time – I really appreciate all of your time and support getting things done for me"

Dawood first came to the Evolve project at Citizens Advice Mid Staffordshire back in July for help with housing, benefits and debt. He was homeless and needed help resolving his issues. He also suffers from cataracts so is currently partially sighted.  It was suggested that he might find the Evolve project of benefit but he was reluctant to become involved. It was only after visiting Emily for ongoing appointments and building a rapport with her that he felt confident enough in engaging with the project.

Since Dawood joined the project, Emily has done a full benefits assessment to ensure he is claiming his full entitlement and now she is working with him to secure permanent housing. He is soon to have an operation to remove his cataracts so hopefully his sight will be improved.

Dawood has a history of self-employment working in the food industry and also logistics and would like to return to being self employed. He aspires to open his own restaurant as his long term goal. Emily and Dawood acknowledge that to meet this long term goal he needs to continue to improve his current circumstances. Now that Dawood has secured his income through benefits he will be working, with Emily’s support, on his housing applications.

This is the start of a long journey with the Evolve project but it will be one of much progress and achievement by the time he leaves the project.