“I have received support throughout my time at Aspiring Futures. I am grateful that I am now employed and can show I am now financially independent.”

Rajwinder Kaur is a 45 year old Indian woman who started on the BBO programme to get her closer to employment. She lives with her immediate family consisting of her husband and two young children. She is seeking employment and has very limited work experience.

Rajwinder had language and skills barriers which prevented her from attaining employment however she was very motivated in improving her skill set so that she could progress. She also required an up-to-date CV and confidence in accessing other services.

Rajwinder met with the project officer and the facilitator to discuss her current situation and that she needed a job to support herself financially. She discussed that she felt she lacked the skills needed in the current job market and that she wasn’t getting the adequate support anywhere else. As a result, she has attended 1-2-1 support sessions with the facilitator and support sessions.

Rajwinder was then given the opportunity to apply for care work which did not require a high level of language ability. She decided to apply for this and has been successful in attaining that role.

Rajwinder has now secured employment as a care worker. She plans to develop her communication skills within the workplace and take necessary training in order for her to do her job well.