“I have taken my first steps, and I feel free Thank you BBO Evolve”

When I joined the BBO Evolve Programme through Tamworth Cornerstone Housing Association. I felt unsure and not ready to trust others, due to being in a very violent relationship for 3 years. With this I gained a large amount of weight and was introduced to drugs (cannabis) through my ex-partner.

I personally wanted to join to break the cycle I found myself in, to gain my confidence and self-worth to start to engaging with others and learning to trust again.

I went to a confidence building session with Cornerstone, and met others there with different back grounds, but we all had one thing in common no self-worth or confidence. But over time I’m gaining my confidence, I have also obtained a new CV and cover letter for future training or job.

My biggest personal achievement is going into town with my Life Skills Worker, and another tenant in the middle of the day and sitting outside for coffee. I informed them that I have lost 3 stone in weight and hope to carry on losing the weight and no longer dependant on drugs namely (cannabis).