‘I feel alive again! I have just completed my first day at work. It didn’t seem possible six months ago- thank you BBO Bridges Team and my fellow participants at Summit House for all your help’

When I joined the BBO Bridges project at Summit House in October I had been out of work for nearly three years. I suffered a breakdown and had some complex and severe mental health and addiction issues.

I joined the group to meet new people and to learn new skills. I completed first aid, food hygiene and health and safety training. I rediscovered my confidence and felt more comfortable learning new skills.

I attended the weekly Directions group at Summit House where I developed a new CV and covering letter and crucially met new people and staff from all walks of life. Many had amazing stories and inspiration insights. I decided that a job in the hospitality industry would suit me well. I applied for a job online, for the first time ever, and got an interview! I was petrified.

The mock interview prepared me for the interview, I was relaxed and un-phased. I GOT THE JOB!!I started yesterday and I’ll let you know how it goes.