“I felt nervous and sweaty and never thought that I would be able to walk into the building, But now I’m happy and feel positive and feel that after 23 years I’m going to achieve something good.  Thank You so much for coming with me and helping me face my fears”

When Michael signed up to the Bridges project at Citizens Advice Wolverhampton he had a lot going on; threatened with homelessness, numerous debts and on-going issues with his health and benefits were all holding him back.

Fast forward 3 months and with support from Bridges, Michael has a new property, his bills are all set up and he has most of the items he needs to furnish his new place. His debts haven’t gone but they are under control and Michael has a plan to deal with them so the pressure has eased.

We helped him obtain a representative for his benefit appeal which he has since won meaning he is £29.05 a week better off and doesn’t have the pressure of having regular jobcentre appointments.

Throughout all this Michael has been determined to find work, he comes in regularly to do a job search and his dream job is in catering. However, with limited experience he is finding it hard to get a foot through the door.

Michael left school with no formal qualifications and looking back on his experiences of education you see his normal confidence and bubbly character fade as anxiety and fear come over him. Admitting he is terrified of going back into anything remotely like school, he wouldn’t even set foot inside a college and panicked at just thought.

Knowing how much he wants to pursue a career in catering, achieving some qualifications is a must and so the project persevered with the encouragement and support to get Michael to overcome his fear.

Recently Michael attended Wolverhampton City College Bakery  with a member of staff from the  CAW Project and spoke to the course Leader.  Whilst in discussion Michael became more excited and less anxious of where he was. After a short conversation he was offered the opportunity to go further into the college and have a look at the Bakery itself and where the students work.

Michael not only spoke to the course leader and a tutor, he also spoke to a few students leading to him going on to gathering all the required information to register on a course starting this September.

Well Done Michael!

“… My daughter is going to be so proud of me when I tell her what I’ve done … it’s finally all happening”