At least one in four people in the UK are affected by a mental health condition at some point in their life, and mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £34.9 billion each year. 

In 2017 Steps to Work's CEO made a pledge to train all Steps to Work staff in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training in order to reduce the stigma around mental health and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms. Undertaking this means that all Steps to Work staff will be accredited Mental Health First Aiders by the end of 2018 able to provide help and support to customers and colleagues.

The full accredited Mental Health First Aid course is spread over two full days and covers;

  • What is mental health
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • What influences mental health
  • What is depression, the risk factors and depression in the workplace
  • What is suicide and first aid for suicidal crisis
  • What is substance misuse, the risk factors and first aid
  • What are anxiety disorders, the risk factors and first aid
  • The different forms of self-harm and first aid for self-harmers
  • What are eating disorders, the risk factors and first aid
  • What are personality disorders, the risk factors and first aid
  • What is psychosis, the risk factors and first aid
  • Mental health recovery
  • Building a mentally healthy community
  • Useful statistics

These sessions are centred on three main activities: explanation, discussion and activity. Our instructors utilise a variety of different media to keep learners engaged and to suit all learning types. Activities include:

  • Group role play
  • Self-reflection writing
  • Using the mental health continuum
  • Drawing the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions
  • Analysing the impact of certain feelings
  • Analysing case studies and creating action plans
  • Practicing listening skills
  • Watching videos

Whilst continuing to ensure all of our staff become qualified Mental Health First Aiders by the end of 2018, Steps to Work are also delivering MHFA courses to other organisations. Not only will we be delivering the two day accredited course throughout the year in Walsall but we can also arrange for one of our instructors to visit your premises to deliver one of the three types of courses on offer. 

If you want to help reduce the stigma around Mental Health and encourage a happier, healthier workforce why not speak to one of our instructors on 01922 627555 or email [email protected] you can also book onto the 2 day training via our website here.

78% of attendees at our courses so far have rated the quality of the course delivery as ‘excellent’ and 22% rated it as ‘good’. 71% of attendees said the range of activities was ‘excellent’. The quality and usefulness of resources was rated ‘excellent’ by 82% of attendees and 68% rated the success in meeting their individual needs as ‘excellent’.

100% of attendees said that the information was well presented, that their learning needs were met and that the trainer was helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. 97% of attendees felt that the course objectives had been met and understood the course objectives. 94% stated that they gained the knowledge that they hoped to on the course.

“Well delivered by a knowledgeable and passionate trainer, very interesting and informative”

“Everything was well delivered by  very informative, passionate and knowledgeable tutors within a safe environment that made it easy to have an open discussion”

“I enjoyed the delivery, there was a lot of variety in the way it was delivered e.g. handouts, group work, powerpoints, videos and brainstorms”

“The course has been very informative and has helped open my mind to people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions”

“The course has meant I will know and understand the signs of someone suffering from depression and mental health so that I can better support them”

“The course will help me to be more aware of other people's feelings, be more wary of the words used when talking to people and be able to offer support if I see someone suffering with mental ill health”