“Before I started the BBO project I was genuinely worried about what I was going to do about getting back into work. Since doing the BBO project I feel re-ignited. I am back on track and I have got my confidence back.”

When Adam came to Cycle-R, he had already begun his BBO project with DRC in Birmingham. He suffered with Social Anxiety, struggled to speak to people both in person and over the telephone, and had a severe lack of self confidence.

We started Adam on a confidence building exercise in our Customer Services department, which he found difficult in the beginning. However, over a few short weeks he became much more confident and familiar with his expected role.

Since then, Adam has excelled at Customer Services. He is polite, professional and confident when dealing with Customers and colleagues alike. He has shown an ability to work with other BBO participants regardless of their barriers, and has proved to not only himself but to Cycle-R that his is a highly intelligent individual with huge potential moving forward.

Adam has begun attending Job Fairs with the BBO Administrator and is also Peer Mentoring with another BBO partner, providing a first hand overview of the BBO process to other potential participants.

Due to this fantastic amount of progress, Cycle-R have made the decision to offer Adam an Apprenticeship in Customer Services, with the view of being taken on as a full time staff member at its conclusion.

When this happens, he will effectively be in a lower management position, training BBO participants himself and supervising the Customer Services department on a day to day basis.