"I know that I have a long way to go but the Bridges Project has helped me start with small steps in the right direction.  I am feeling more confident and motivated and also feel that my mental health issues affect me less as I have activities to occupy my mind and has inspired me to look at my future positively"

Gurdeep has been unemployed for the past 11 years.  His relationship with his wife broke down which eventually led to a divorce while this was ongoing he suffered mental health issues.  The issues affected him to the point that he became unemployed and eventually made an attempt to take his life as he felt lost and did not understand what was happening to him.  He was then committed to a Mental Health Hospital to recover.

After his recovery with support from multiple mental health agencies and services and taking daily medication for anxiety and depression, he was unmotivated and had no ideas for his future other than being on ESA.

He was very pleased to meet the Bridges Outreach Officer (Nigel) as he offered him voluntary activities which he could relate to and would also help him to recover and meet other people who had similar experiences.  With the support of the Bridges Officer Gurdeep enrolled onto a Building Telescope Project which involved some of his previous skills when he was employed as a Double Glazing Window Maker. He says that the Telescope project has lifted his spirit and given him focus as well as ideas of getting back into employment in the future.  The Telescope workshops has helped to build his self-confidence and given him motivation to look at the possibility of doing a construction Skills qualification.