Lee Reynolds had worked as a weapons engineer in the Navy for 7 years but when he left he struggled to find a job with any direction and found that the various jobs he had were always short term. He worked in a bar, a petrol station and worked as a milkman and a stock taker but none of these jobs were really right for him. He was suffering from various health issues and found himself claiming ESA allowance.

Lee was invited to a recruitment day with RGIS after coming along to Steps to Work for help. His previous stock taking experience made him an attractive candidate and he was invited to attend a work trial.

After successfully completing the trial we were informed that he was going to be offered an inventory associate position and when we passed this information on to Lee he was over the moon, knowing that despite his health concerns this job would be perfect for him.

As time went by with regular in-work support phone calls from his advisor at Steps to Work Lee let us know that not only was the job going well but he had been given a company car to take him and his colleagues to stock taking designations.

Things got even better for Lee and he phoned to let us know that he’d  impressed his employers so much that he’d been promoted to recruitment specialist! He even came back to Steps to Work at the end of 2016 to give a talk to some of our work programme participants in the hope that he could recruit some new talent in the same way that he was once recruited.

“I owe my new career to Steps to Work – without their referral to RGIS I don’t know what I would be doing now!”