Thomas had been unemployed for six months before being referred onto the Work Programme. Dealing with mental health issues meant Thomas had found it difficult to find work and wanted to seek support to change his career focus, explaining that he wanted to pursue a career in youth/care work to support others.

With previous experience as a machine operator, Thomas had a number of qualifications suitable for a similar role however he no longer wished to work in that sector and identified that he wanted to help others in a care or support work role. Because of the change in Thomas’ ambitions he needed support with training and courses to improve his chances of finding his desired role.

Thomas had some domestic experience of care work having cared for his father, and he knew that this would help him find work caring for the elderly, which is something he enjoyed doing and having overcome his own barriers including dependency and addictions Thomas felt that he may also be suited to a role helping other people to overcome similar personal problems.

Thomas was able to be very open with his advisor about his barriers to employment, enabling his advisor to support him in the best way possible. Due to health reasons Thomas stated that he would prefer to find part time work initially and build up to full time employment and his advisor supported him to search and apply for suitable positions.

Steps to Work supported Thomas with his CV and referred him to various organisations to undertake some voluntary work and build on his experience. He was also referred to Walsall Adult and Community College for courses within Health and Social care to help him gain the qualifications he would need for his future career.

After being put forward for a number of jobs, Thomas was successful in securing employment with Harmony Care as a care assistant. Thomas completed his induction and after a couple of months he began full-time employment. Thomas had specifically requested full time employment due to enjoying his training period so much and he has since been seeking overtime and extra shifts.

Within three months of attending the work programme at Steps to Work, Thomas had successfully achieved his long term goal of working within a sector that he had no previous professional experience or qualifications in. Thomas’s commitment and willingness to accept the support that was on offer to him helped him to achieve his goal and overcome a number of personal barriers and his advisor at Steps to Work was able to fully understand exactly what Thomas’s goal was in order to provide him with the best possible support.

Thomas is now happily employed full time in a care role which he loves.

“I love my new job!”