Emma was a well educated young lady who attended college and went on to university to work with families in mental health. Unfortunately though Emma's life was turned upside down when she found herself in an abusive relationship which had such a negative impact on her physical and mental wellbeing that she made the difficult decision to drop out of university. Emma went on to have 3 children whilst in this relationship and suffered with depression and a complete loss of appetite. Her anxiety and depression increased and her wellbeing was at an all time low. 

Emma finally got the confidence to leave her relationship but went into Bushey field’s hospital due to her mental health being unstable. Emma then moved into a women’s Refuge where she lived without her children. Her children remain with their father and Emma has a court order in place to ensure she gets regular contact.

Emma has received support from the Bridges project to seek further accommodation as her tenancy runs out in January 2017 at the women’s refuge. Emma receives one to one support from JST BBO Bridges at the women’s refuge where Emma feels safe, which also encourages her to engage with the project. Support has focussed on looking at different options for housing and also supporting Emma to sign her old tenancy over to her EX-Partner as he is currently living in the house with their 3 children.

With encouragement and reassurance Emma is now taking the rights steps to improve her mental and physical wellbeing by visiting her GP on a regular basis. With support from her Bridges support worker who attended her appointment with her, Emma has also overcome her fear of the dentist. She is also attending a wellbeing course on a weekly basis at Ladies Walk in sedgley where she is trying to improve her confidence and self-esteem and also meeting new people within the community.

Since support commenced in early November Emma is feeling more confident and positive about her future and finding further permanent accommodation. Emma has expressed she has felt like giving up in the past but now with support she believes she will access university again, she will move out of the refuge and have her own place near her children and continue to have regular contact with them.

JST continue to help improve Emma’s confidence and wellbeing by helping and encouraging her to access services within the community – Wellbeing classes, and connecting to community events, hobbies and interests. The support from Just Straight Talk will continue until Emma feels she has achieved all her goals and feels confident that she can move on in her life with improved wellbeing, health and self esteem.

 “Building Better Opportunities Project has given me encouragement that positive and good things can happen in my life”