Stephanie, a lone parent with two children, approached Steps to Work for support to help her find a job.

Stephanie had gained excellent qualifications in her previous role as a Childcare Practitioner when she lived in the north of England. However, she moved to the midlands in 2016 and in August 2019 she was made redundant from her last job and didn’t know where to turn. Due to her redundancy and claiming Universal Credit, Stephanie was also finding it hard to manage her bills and debts. Caring for two young children on her own meant that Steph needed to find a job to fit around school hours.

Bridges Project Officer Bethan, from Steps to Work, created an action plan for Stephanie, providing the tools and coaching she needed on how to make online applications for suitable jobs. Stephanie’s CV and cover letter were updated and Bethan also referred Stephanie to Wolverhampton CAB, where she received one to one support to address her finances. Stephanie was able to independently job search and just before Christmas 2019, applied for a position at Moxley Tots, a new nursery in her local area. After attending an interview, she was successful in gaining employment!

Stephanie was the first Bridges participant to get offered a job in 2020! She has settled well into her new role and she continues to work with CAB in order to address her debt issues. Well done Stephanie!

“Super helpful, I now have a job due to the amazing help and support through Bethan and the centre"