“Without this project I would not have had the confidence to volunteer, and it has made me feel much more positive about finding a job”

Elissa has been with the project since April. She lacks confidence to return to the job market after being employed for a number of years with a lady running a sewing business, Elissa was the only employee and as such had lost the confidence of being around people in a work environment.

With Emily’s encouragement Elissa has started Volunteering with us at Citizens Advice Mid Staffordshire which is building her confidence both with office skills and engaging with people in an office environment. She has found just having someone to make plans with about job searches and the structure of meeting with Emily a real confidence boost and would not have had the confidence to Volunteer had she not been with the Evolve project.

Sometimes she feels like she has not achieved anything but Emily will encourage her to see that she has achieved a lot.

Elissa’s plans for the future are to continue building on her existing skills and to become confident in her own abilities, to continue with Emily’s support and find a job.