To celebrate Employability Day participants on the Confidence, Self Esteem and Motivation course had the chance to speak to Councillor Chris Towe about the role of the active citizen.

Employability tutor Kerry invited Chris Towe to come and discuss the role of the active citizen to participants so they could learn about the council and how people can support their communities. Chris is a councillor for Pheasey Park as well as a member of Steps to Work’s board of trustees and he has played an active role in the community all his life.

Participants asked questions and learned about politics, the council and supporting the community, one participant said “I have learned about the council and how it works, and I have learned the importance of respecting other people’s opinions and not disliking people for having a different point of view.”

“I have learned that political ideals don’t necessarily make the man; you can’t judge someone on their political views.”

This session helped learners to understand the different roles within the community and what they can do to help shape the community around them. They also learned in-depth about the council and how to access information that could affect them. Learning about the new Mayor and the West Midlands combined authority has given them more understanding of how they could be affected by political change and importantly what they can do about it.

Tutor Kerry hoped to help open their eyes to the different types of roles they can take in society to help make them feel a part of something bigger, talking to an active citizen has also helped them to broaden their knowledge of different types of careers and how to get into them, as Councillor Towe has lots of experience in various roles and was able to discuss this with participants.

“I liked speaking to Councillor Chris Towe, I really enjoyed the conversation we had and enjoyed learning about his involvement with the council and his career.”


Employability Day (14th July 2017) is an annual celebration of the employability sector and the support that it provides to participants every day. Join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #empday17