Dawn is 49 years old and has been working part time for the last 17 years for a local Cash and Carry. Dawn was looking for a second part time job that she could fit around the hours of her current work so she could increase her hours to enable her to sign off from Job Seeker’s Allowance.

Dawn was referred to the Work Programme in November 2016 when she was working 13 hours a week for a local Wholesalers Cash and Carry in the finance office. Dawn wanted to be able to work over 16 hours a week in order to sign off Job Seeker’s Allowance but her existing employer was unable to increase her hours.

With meaningful regular reviews Dawn’s Employment Advisor at Steps to Work looked at Dawn’s skills set and explored various options with her including setting up her own business working from home. This option would mean Dawn could remain in employment with her existing employer and accommodate these hours as this was Dawn’s main preference. Information and guidance was given to help Dawn come to an informed decision.

Part of the support offered to our Work Programme customers includes sign-posting for various training which can be tailored to our customer’s needs. Dawn was referred for a mock interview with our in-house Employment Resourcer who was able to provide some feedback and advice aim to help Dawn brush up on interview techniques and raise her confidence. Following this interview Dawn commented saying she felt much more prepared and confident for future interviews.

Within a few months a position became available with a prospective employer who Steps to Work have been supporting on a long term basis. Dawn was informed about this vacancy and encouraged to apply. Dawn’s CV was submitted and an interview was arranged and following this interview Dawn was offered the position. Dawn was thrilled to hear that she had been successful and has now been able to sign off from job Seeker’s Allowance. This position doesn’t conflict with her existing employment and she is enjoying her new role. We supported Dawn with the purchase of a new work uniform and will continue to support her with advice and guidance as needed. Dawn’s new Employer is really happy with the work she is doing and the service she provides.

“Steps to Work helped me gain a second part time job to work around my other job for the hours I needed in order to sign off Job Seeker’s”