“I have never felt this confident in using my communication skills. I feel like many doors and opportunities are now open to me“

Dean came to DCFA-IMPACT TRAINING with very low self-esteem, poor confidence and poor communication skills. He was loathe to start the course but after his pre-course interview with the tutor he decided to give it a go.

Dean turned up well before time on his first day but did not really interact with the group during the sessions before lunch. However after lunch when activities were commenced for team building he instantly changed his outlook and wanted to get involved, we had found Dean’s real learning style.

As the days passed he made friends within the group which he thought he would never do. He took the lead on several team activities and it was obvious he thrived on this experience.

Dean has now really started to shine he has worked hard on his Communication Skills and feels more confident to apply for employment. As Dean is now more confident in his abilities he has signed up to our Job Club to increase his opportunities of finding a job.

"This will totally change my life, and I would recommend this course to anyone"