One of our recent Customer Service courses has seen 6 people find employment shortly after attending the course here at Steps to Work. One of those people is Shahid, who found work after four months of being unemployed thanks to the tutors' help in improving his self-esteem and skills.

Shahid had been unemployed for nearly 4 months after falling out of work. He had previously served 8 years as a security officer and was struggling to get into another job, so he began attending the Customer Service and Employability course at Steps to Work.

After applying for anything he could find and having no luck, Shahid decided he needed some support to gain new skills and improve his chances of gaining employment. He attended the Customer Service and Employability Course for three weeks where he was supported with interview techniques, writing a new CV and improving his confidence. When Shahid began receiving invites to interviews, he gradually rebuilt his self-esteem.

Finally Shahid’s determination paid off and he was offered a job in Tamworth Distribution Centre as a security officer. He has now been employed for over a month. Shahid said he felt angry and frustrated during his period of unemployment but now that he’s back in work he’s very happy.

“I was helped to update my CV and apply for jobs. I have more confidence now and I felt supported by Karl and Jo, they’re very well-mannered and caring and they have lots of knowledge”