“Since starting in Dec 2016 my Bridges project officer has supported me to see that I do have lots of skills and qualities. I was very proud that this new confidence enabled me to give a good account of myself to my employer. She was impressed and keen to let me have a go. They are great there and I am enjoying it although they do work me hard! ”

Melissa is 32 years old. She struggles with reading and writing. Melissa has been attending WACC for some years now and is thriving within the Catering and Hospitality department; cooking up a storm.

As part of a team, Melissa is responsible for the preparation and serving of restaurant style food within our busy Bistro environment and for cleaning away afterwards. She is an integral part of the team and she is hard working , responsible and committed.

Indeed, Melissa has many achievements and, as we have got to know her, we have found that she has many, many skills and personal qualities that would make her an attractive employee within any catering environment. Melissa, however, was not as confident about her accomplishments and it became clear that she was worried about whether her skills would be good enough in a real work place.

The manager of a local residential care home recognised that without the opportunity to experience work in a real work place, Melissa was unlikely to convince any employer of her abilities and move into paid work. As such, Melissa is now doing a day a week of work experience within the kitchen, preparing meals for the residents. Her confidence is growing and she is enjoying it immensely. The home is pleased her enthusiasm, the skills she has and her hard work.