“I feel I have more confidence to get back into work, thank you Kerry for all the support and help.”

A lack of self-esteem, confidence and motivation can get in the way of finding long term employment and our six participants spent the 6 weeks learning techniques to help them improve their sense of wellbeing and confidence through various activities.

Steps to Work tutor Kerry developed the course to help people to build their confidence and motivation and as a result many of them reported that they felt more confident in themselves after completing the course and some even have jobs in the pipeline thanks to what they learnt!

The first week was all about getting to know the group, breaking the ice and identifying personal weaknesses. Kerry encouraged the participants to introduce themselves to the group and identify their own barriers to self-esteem.

As the course progressed the participants learned about effective communication skills and how to read body language. They learned about the importance of teamwork whilst improving their confidence and communication skills within the group and they even took part in a careers week where they reviewed their career aspirations and assessed their skills and qualifications in order to decide what jobs might suit them. Kerry took the participants out for a tour of a local college and they had the chance to attend jobs fairs and even visit local employers to ask questions.

One of the participants, Wayne, was referred straight to our sister company Starting Point Recruitment on completion of the course and was straight away put forward for a job. He’s now eagerly awaiting feedback and a possible start date and he said “I feel more confident in myself and feel much better about myself, I enjoyed being around the group and doing tasks together, I had fun.”

Kelly also says she feels more confident “I feel I have more confidence to get back into work, thank you Kerry for all the support and help.”