“It’s very welcoming and supportive you know. I like coming with the others, doing a bit of work, and everyone is great. Can’t fault it....when’s the next course?"

Margaret attends Ideal for All Grow for Work Programme, regularly volunteering in admin roles and at Malthouse Gardens.

Margaret is sometimes shy and can feel lonely at home. However she is always striving to find ways to meet new people, feel less isolated and increase her skill base. She is a keen reader and has a good eye for detail

Margaret shows commitment and diligence in her work. She would be an asset to any organisation and the staff are working closely with Margaret to progress her into the world of work, using this experience as a 'stepping stone'.
Margaret enjoys attending the gardening sessions and particularly enjoys seed sowing, potting up and learning about aspects of advanced horticultural techniques.

She appreciates the accessibility of the sites, taking part in table top gardening without the need to bend, and giving her the opportunity for 'focused' work which she revels in.

Moving forward Margaret is working closely with staff to attend both accredited and non-accredited training, and working with our employment specialist to look at further external opportunities.