“The BRIDGES project is helping me to build my confidence. I am no longer afraid to talk to people. I like the BRIDGES project because it is tailored to my individual needs”

Leanne was born and raised in Bloxwich, Walsall. She left school at the age of 16 and has never been employed.

Leanne is a single mother, caring for 3 children and a grand- daughter. Leanne was encouraged by one of her friends to join the BRIDGES project. In addition, Leanne said that she wanted to get into work and she believed that the BRIDGES project could help her to accomplish this.

When Leanne joined the project she was a very shy person and found it very difficult to hold a conversation with anyone. She lacked confidence in herself and this has prevented her from seeking employment. Furthermore, Leanne stated that she did not trust most people; as such she tried her utmost best to stay away from them, especially strangers.

Lack of self- confidence was one of the greatest barriers that has prevented Leanne from getting into employment and volunteering. She believed that this lack of self- confidence was due to her being unemployed for all of her working life. Also Leanne lacks basic skills which she believes she needs to have to gain employment.

The BRIDGES  project has supported and continues to support Leanne with confidence building and preparing her to get into employment. A personal individual plan to support Leanne was put in place to achieve these objectives. Leanne is now a more confident person and running a mother toddler group in her community.