Lucy, aged 29 young mum started on the Bridges at the Beacon project 23.01.2017

Lucy was going to drug team and women’s refuge. She wanted to work part-time. When she came to the SMART meeting at the drug team the Bridges Project told the group about the project and it sounded like their support would help me achieve my goals as they talked about small steps and they would understand me, because it was based at the Beacon.

Lucy says her life was boring, she was struggling, didn’t have enough support, she was lonely and life was hard. She needed to get out of the refuge into a place of her own, cut down on drinking and have stable access with son. Lucy needed support with alcohol, in general, needed to build confidence, and emotional support.

The Brides Project assessed Lucy’s needs and put a plan together. But then her circumstances changed so we helped her to sort out her rent, so she didn’t become homeless and then worked with her to take small steps.

Lucy, when she came to the BRIDGES project wanted to work part-time, develop a CV, maybe get some training, and develop stability with her young son.

We helped Lucy to keep a roof over her head, break down the tasks she had to do she wasn’t so stressed, get organised and by attending appointments this helped show she could be more responsible.

Lucy is decorating her flat, keeping herself organised, attending appointments and cutting down on her drinking.

Lucy has her own place to live, feels more in control, says she is more confident and in a bit more of a routine. She has a more positive approach and is more ready to look for work.

“I was in a very traumatic situation and the BRIDGES project has helped me because I was able to talk to the project worker who understood me without judging me and helped me to break things down into little achievable tasks”