“I am so thankful to the BRIDGES project for all the support that Ruby has put in place.

She hasn’t given up on me, even when I wasn’t sure which direction to take”

When Tracey first met with her Bridges project officer she was very reserved, lacked confidence & motivation, hardly spoke and initially failed to attend most of her booked appointments. Tracey was going through a rough divorce and felt it was all her fault and did not want to continue with life.

Tracey had had been working for her husband’s company for 10 years dealing with all the accounts, however following the breakdown of their marriage she has been unemployed for the past year.

Tracey was referred to the Bridges project by Smethwick Job Centre because her job centre advisor wanted one to one support for her due to her lack of confidence. Tracey struggled to trust others, she had no friends or family in Smethwick and she felt isolated.

Since Tracey started attending the Bridges project her project officer has gained her trust and Tracey is beginning to open up. Her project officer has been able to offer advice and encourage her to participate in a two mile group walk every week as well as meeting regularly to chat; this has greatly built her confidence and given her someone to rely on.

Tracey has come a long way in her four months on the Bridges project. She has started taking her dog for daily walks which is a big achievement for her and she now attends all her booked appointments. She has agreed to attend counselling and she is beginning to look into voluntary work opportunities to help her get back into work and build her confidence.