A.H had been unemployed for a year when she came to the BRIDGES project for support having fled her home to escape domestic abuse.

She had previously worked in a number of administrative roles after completing a Degree in Marketing Management but her mental health and wellbeing had suffered as a result of her abusive relationship and A.H needed support to overcome a number of barriers preventing her from getting back into work.

A.H suffers from Anxiety, Depression, Aspergers, PTSD and social phobia so one of her main barriers to getting back into work was finding the confidence to use public transport. She avoided busy places and was getting increasingly more socially isolated and had stopped participating in activities she previously enjoyed. A.H also needed support to be rehoused as the refuge could only offer temporary housing.

The BRIDGES project has provided A.H with a shoulder to lean on and an understanding ear whenever she felt she needed support. Project officer Helen is providing ongoing support to build confidence and will help with finding suitable housing. Helen has gone with her on public transport to help build her confidence in getting around.

With this support A.H’s confidence has improved drastically in the past few months and she is now more confident to get out and about and start participating in the activities she used to enjoy.

A.H is now hoping to be ready to get back into work within the next 12-18 months. She is taking one step at a time with the help of her BRIDGES project officer and feels more positive about her future.

“Hearing your positive perspective has been a great help to me and has made me feel more supported in what sometimes seems like a helpless time for me. ”