“I am getting the help and support that I need to help me get ready for work. I feel more confident in myself and I am not so shy to speak out more in class. I have received a lot of support here.”

Manjeet Kaur is a 56 year old Indian lady who started on the BBO programme to get her closer to employment.

She lives with her immediate family consisting of her husband and two grown-up independent children. Manjeet is unemployed and she has very limited work experience in factory work and care work. Manjeet had to rely on third parties in order to complete her job searches.

Manjeet was receiving job search support from an independent community centre who were only giving her job searches to match the job centre criteria and had withheld her log-in information which she was concerned about. She was not attending any other training at that time. She wanted to develop her skills in order to make herself employable in the job market. She also wanted to develop job searching skills i.e. know how to turn on a computer, open the universal job match websites and do independent job search without relying on anyone else.

Manjeet wanted to develop her skills so she could independently carry out her own job search instead of relying on the workers of the community centre. She had very limited English speaking ability which created lack of confidence in herself and had no skills in terms of IT or employment-related skills.

Manjeet met with the project officer and the facilitator to discuss her current situation and that she needed a job to support herself financially. She discussed that she felt she lacked the skills needed in the current job market and that she wasn’t getting the adequate support anywhere else. For example, she had the job searches done for her but she wasn’t learning anything to improve her job readiness.

Manjeet was asked to attend 1-2-1 support sessions with the facilitator and ESOL for Employment classes. Manjeet attended the ESOL sessions and 1-2-1 IT support sessions and job search sessions. Now, Manjeet said that she had started to receive calls for potential employment whereas previously she had difficulty attracting attention from agencies and employers.

Manjeet has now secured employment in a care home as a care worker and is due to start work at the end of January 2017. She plans to continue working in the care sector and intends to develop her English and IT skills.