When she first met with BRIDGES project officer Ruby for  help to improve her confidence, Ruth had recently been made redundant after working for 20 years as a cleaner at Boots.

Ruth came along to Dorothy Parkes Centre with her Mum to see Ruby and join the BRIDGES project. With multiple barriers relating to her mental health, Ruth needed help to carry out simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning and dressing herself and she required a lot of hand-holding.

“Before joining the BRIDGES project, Ruth couldn’t leave the house or travel alone. After three months she now has the confidence to go on morning walks and visit the local Library all by herself; a huge achievement!”

Ruth and her mum hoped that the BRIDGES project might help to improve her confidence and social skills, and Ruby has been working with her for the past few months undertaking simple tasks with her twice a week to help her build her confidence.

Before joining the BRIDGES project Ruth never walked or travelled alone due to a lack of confidence and she would struggle to leave her house alone, but in three months she now has the confidence to go on morning walks and attend the local library by herself. She is now comfortable to work in a group and feels more confident. She is looking forward to cookery classes with Ruby to help her improve her basic skills and confidence.