Susan has been unemployed since August 2016 when she was left unable to work following a work related accident that occurred in 2014 that has progressively impaired her physically.

Susan, now 56 and a sufferer of non specific lower back pain, previously worked as a deputy manager for 30 years within a care home. Despite actively job searching, Susan has found it very difficult to get back into work as despite her vast array of qualifications and experience, she is unable to perform functional work tasks e.g. prolonged walking and heavy lifting.

The Fit for Work programme within the BRIDGES project has therefore implemented a tailored hydrotherapy programme to help Susan manage and reduce her pain. The programme has also helped to improve her confidence and social skills and as a result, Susan is now able to attend our additional chair based group exercise programme.

Work specifically, Susan also feels confident that she will be able to return to the industry that she loves and will again be able to apply her knowledge and experience.


I am very excited for my next hydrotherapy session, both Christian and Jade made me feel very comfortable and they adapted the session to my needs. I can already tell that these sessions are going to benefit me and I’m glad that I can finally get back in the swimming pool. ”