“Thanks to the Bridges programme not only have I found employment I also feel that I’m making a big difference in the local community. Being able to help others who have been in similar circumstances to myself is a fantastic opportunity and I will certainly be encouraging other visually impaired people to get involved on the Bridges project”

Ranjit joined our Bridges programme in March 2017 after being out of work for 8 months. Ranjit is registered as severely sight impaired and this throws up lots of challenges in his day to day life which Ranjit likes to meet head on with a positive attitude.

Ranjit immediately relished the opportunity of being involved on the Bridges programme and tried various activities from cooking & team building to story boards & gardening. Ranjit’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the other participants and he quickly became a role model helping others to engage and take on a more positive outlook.

Through Ranjit’s Bridges involvement the Beacon Centre quickly became aware of the positive impact he could have on others living with sight loss. Ranjit was offered a position of BAME Community Worker which he was delighted to accept.

Ranjit has been now been in employment since May 2017 and is making a real difference to those living with sight loss in the local community.