Peter joined Bridges for support to find employment.  He was depressed and suffered anxiety because of his dyslexia and his predicament of being homelessness. He had split up from his partner as he was unable to support payment of household bills which lead to him being in debt.  He slept in shelters around the town and felt displaced as he had no address and no job.

After meeting Bridges Outreach Project Officer Nigel, Peter was offered support for his homelessness and support for one to one job search which was paramount as it meant finding employment, which would mean him moving back in with his partner.  He was offered a referral for debt advice and inquiries were made to a temporary shelter for his homelessness.

After one-to-one intensive job search support, which he preferred because of his dyslexia, he was contacted by a local pub who offered him an interview.  He attended the interview and was successful in being offered the position of Kitchen Porter/Bartender.  Peter was further supported with work clothing purchase by Bridges as they were needed to start employment.

“Thanks to Bridges for supporting me into employment and purchasing my work clothing. Now I am able to resolve my homelessness.”